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So the Grammy's were announced eh?
Yet again i see that i was completely over looked!

Personally i'll be rooting for Radiohead to pick up as many as they can! I think they've been nominated for 4 or 5, I can't remember. Also looks like Coldplay will be picking up a lot, I haven't heard much of Viva but its picked up a lot of nominations.
Appart from that i'm just waiting for Muse to bring out a new album!

~~ New song ~~ Jericho's Demise

2008-09-08 01:36:57 by Firebalt

Well after almost a year of work into this peice, Jericho's demise is ready. /170969

I'll be editing this post later with more information on the song as questions arise.

My latest Audio's

2008-02-21 04:13:18 by Firebalt

Ive released 1 new song and 1 new loop in the last fortnight, come and check them out. Im currently composing for my HSC, its going to be an epic song so keep a look out for that.