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Interesting concept

Solid work effort, but you could tell that you were pressed for time by 24

haha... cute

Rawshak rolled was my favourtie bit. Funny and accurate!

Excellent Work

I would just like to clap your efforts so far. It is really refreshing to see something on newgrounds of such a high quality. I like the fact that the humour isnt vulgar, its good to see characters who's vocabulary extends past 4 letter words.
The style is absolutely amazing. I dont know what country you reside in, but down here in OZ we have a lot of short childrens programs imported from canada that play in the afternoons. Take pride in knowing that your work is pretty much of that standard. I see a lot of great things coming from edible castle.

EdibleCastle responds:

thanks buddy.

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Simple and fun

It's a nice engine. However engine isn't fun for long.
Nice work on the solar halo, that was a nice touch.
Somethings to improve the game engine/ gameplay would be a wrong way indicator, a player position indicator or a score by meters/seconds to see how far ahead or behind you are.
I also agree that the track could be more visable.
If you really want to take this game idea to the next level, try some brighter level designs and powerups (boost would be great)
But over all nice concept and good work with the 3D


This game was really fun. The engine was solid, the world was interactive. My only problem is that on the level with purple ground i got to the end and had defeated EVERYONE but it said i needed to be lvl 6. What the hell am i supposed to do? Its not good mechanics if a player gets stuck.

My only other suggestion would be to have a list of the powers you've unlocked in the pause screen so you know which controls to use.

Good idea, bad implementation

I mainly looked at the Art and design tutorials because they were what appealed to me most. It wasnt a great tutorial, the menu was bad and to get back to the Art page i wanted to see i had to go back to the main menu everytime - not good

The tutorials should have been checked, The bouncing one, there was no squash, it didnt look realistic.
The run cycle... it didnt look that good and it would have been better if it dealt with the whole body rather than just the legs. The feet arent always facing forward, in cartoons, the motion is exagerated and the feet should rotate around the ankle accordingly.

I did however find the shooting tutorial useful, but i dont know if id ever put shooting in a flash... so thats it.

Depredation responds:

Could you tell me how to improve it? It runs fine on my system, and your the first one who has told me that it is badly designed. Care to elaborate?

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Its alright for what it is

This is hardly ambient. This is more techno than anything.

zipybug14 responds:

I don't really know genres yet, so...

This was intersting...

Despite the bad sound of the guitar effect, it had a nice percussive effect that added a nice syncopated feel. My biggest question is, do you know scales or do you just experiment with the notes? Some of the piano stuff sound a bit off going over the guitar. However there were some lovely tones and chord progressions at around 2:40
Like some of your other stuff there is some good musical ideas with bad sound generators.
One thing i did like that i would have liked to have heard some more off was the weird effect added to the guitar at 00:38 then 2:53 and then again a few bars later, I love interesting stuff like that, what effects did you add if i may ask?
My main problem is the sound of the guitar, some people like Slayer, but it just sounds ameturish, as it is not a very good plugin personally. Other than that you have some very interesting compositional techniques.

Fajita responds:

to be honest i don't remember the plugin i used for the weird effect. i think it was something called reeth? maybe idk and then i just played with the velocity and attack and stuff...anwho i kinda like the guitar sound for slayer. i only use it cuz i don't own onr have the money for any decent guitar recording mics and software. college tends to find ways of finding my money and taking it with out me noticing. and yes i know a few scales. mostly pentatonic and the rest is just experimenting with notes til i get it right. i just a few months ago picked up making songs and a few different programs for do just that. what would you recommend for a broke college student to get thats better that Fl studio and audacity??

Haha this was great

I actually really enjoyed this. The flute was cool. This song reminded me of the music they use in some of those older pixar shorts. This maintained my interest but it was a bit short.

Fajita responds:

this was actually the very first song i every made. i did it in audacity with the usb headset that came with the game SOCOM. that was a decent mic but one of my friends broke it.

More than your average God loving, music making weirdo

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