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Entry #3

Grammys! I missed out yet again :(

2008-12-04 23:04:22 by Firebalt

So the Grammy's were announced eh?
Yet again i see that i was completely over looked!

Personally i'll be rooting for Radiohead to pick up as many as they can! I think they've been nominated for 4 or 5, I can't remember. Also looks like Coldplay will be picking up a lot, I haven't heard much of Viva but its picked up a lot of nominations.
Appart from that i'm just waiting for Muse to bring out a new album!


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2008-12-04 23:56:07

It's the Grammys, you're not missing much...

Now the Source Awards; Thats a pure center of lulz.


2008-12-05 01:51:37

Meh, most Grammys are given to corporate whores who have no taste in music whatsoever.

To be honest, most music today is complete and utter shit.


2008-12-05 11:17:51

I completely agree with the above comment. As a metal fan, I have a large mental list of artists who I absolutely hate, including Rihanna and Kanye West for a start.


2008-12-05 12:06:31

who cares. the grammies are a terrible corporate sham.


2008-12-05 18:51:07

^ True.

I was completely blown away by Daft Punk coming out of nowhere last year.


2008-12-05 19:45:05

They Might Be Giants has been nominated. They are equalz = to awseomze


2008-12-05 20:14:58

Didn't watch. Does anyone know who won the award for best hard rock?

Firebalt responds:

They havnt been announced yet, its just the Nom's


2008-12-05 21:46:43

(Whatever category Slipknot, Metallica, Disturbed, ect. was in.)